Well then…

…the end of August sped by rather quickly, didn’t it?

Let’s just say that preparing to teach a workshop, solo parenting, a 5-day weekend with said children, two job interviews, unexpected health issues, 90 degree muggy weather (not wool friendly) and a possibly dead dishwasher made the past two weeks a big blur. There was fun in that blur, but…ummm, I was content today to come home to a cool house ready to attack my extremely long to do list in a little peace.

We’ll get back on track by showing you the teaser pictures for a couple of my book projects that I took on August 23rd. These are the really, really lovely yarns contributed by Space Cadet Creations. The sun was a little too bright to fully show all of the subtle color shifts in the yarn, but you can see most of the colors in the variegated yarns and the overall color that you see is accurate.

First, a picture of the wound yarn for the girl’s cardigan and a little swatch action.

Cardigan Yarn

Cardigan Yarn

Cardigan swatching

Cardigan swatching

Next I’ll show you the yarn for the blanket.

Blanket Yarn

Blanket Yarn

And what would a photo shoot be without a feline ‘assistant’?

Cat with yarn

Cat with yarn

Cat "help" with photo shoot

Cat "help" with photo shoot

Cat hair in samples (and the computer keyboard) would be one downside to working at home.

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One Response to Well then…

  1. Jenn says:

    That is one very helpful cat.

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