We All Make Mistakes

On Saturday, I taught the second session of my Top Down Sweater Workshop. I thought it went well, and though my students are a little frustrated…I think they are learning a lot and will realize how much they have learned when they go to make their next sweater. Or maybe even sooner.

In addition to the obvious information I shared with them in class about sweater construction and how to customize their sweaters to fit their own torsos, I also threw in stories of my biggest mistakes. I know that when I was a new knitter, I really enjoyed the blog posts and podcast stories of the seasoned knitters that had screwed up. I don’t think it was an actual enjoyment of their suffering, it was more a big relief that *everybody* makes mistakes no matter how much experience they have.

(And really, this is true in any discipline, but somehow I think it is more reassuring in a hobby so you don’t worry that you’re wasting your time.)

You know how you can sense when people relax when you tell them something? This is exactly the sense I got from my students when I told them about the sweater I gave to goodwill and the two waiting to be frogged.

And yet, it was a realization today that made me think I should tell you this story. I’m working along very hard on the first design due for the Fresh Designs Crochet books. I’m about 2/3rds of the way through the body and have all of the major decisions made for the body for decreasing, sizing etc. (I still have to work out the increases for the sleeves, but it is raglan, so I’m not concerned.)

But today…while crocheting and watching the end of the Emmys, I see it. I see the place back about 1/4 of the way into the sweater where I should have placed a hole. I forgot the hole for the ties of the wrap. We’re talking inches of double crochet and most of my skein of yarn ago. Probably a week’s worth of work.


The good news, thankfully, is that I’m not ripping it all back. I took a “Crochet Like a Pro” class from Robyn Chachula a few years ago. In class, she taught us how to move a buttonhole that was in the wrong place. She is SO smart. So I will definitely practice this on a swatch before I cut my sweater…but I am so thankful that I don’t have to rip out 12″ of crochet today!


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