In the works: Too many projects

I keep saying to myself that I’m not going to take on anything new until my two book projects are totally done. And since I first made that proclamation, I’ve started two small projects. Sigh.

1) Mittens for the boy

The boy’s mittens that I made him last year still fit, but during a recent visit to Grandma’s house one of them was left behind. This was in the midst of our recent cold snap and it seemed like having mittens was imperative. Right. Now.

Given the lack of time in my schedule, I gave approval for store bought mittens. Alas, there were no options small enough for a 2 1/2 year old and my husband’s shopping attempt was unsuccessful.

What else could a knitter do, but cast on for a pair of mittens? I let him pick out some yarn from my sock yarn stash…and when he picked a ridiculously bright red I asked if I could pair it with a heathered navy. He said yes.

The temperatures have gotten milder, but I know the cold is coming…

2) I was just invited to a baby shower for a very good friend. This friend is in the group of friends to which I always give knitted baby gifts. My initial thought, given my impending deadlines and the looming shower, was that the knitted present would wait until the birth.

And then I taught my crochet baby cardigan class. The design is in worsted weight yarn and I made a sleeve in under 2 hours, during class. I bought two skeins of worsted weight superwash wool before I left and had another project cast on before I went to bed…


The good news is that the girl’s mittens are done.

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One Response to In the works: Too many projects

  1. Both sets of mittens look great!

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