Weekend Productivity

The downside of traveling for Thanksgiving from Thursday morning to Sunday evening is that no grocery shopping or laundry occurred over the weekend. As well as the fact that we got home Sunday night, dumped our stuff, ate dinner, put the kids to bed and collapsed. Add in the fact that we have had a string of busy evenings this week, and things are a bit out of sorts at home. I’ve just barely managed to pull together dinner each night (I’ve been too tired to go to the store after the kids are in bed) and the clutter is kind of getting to me. On the plus side, I have managed to stay caught up on dishes, a load of laundry got processed last night and a couple of our travel bags have been unpacked. We will make it to the weekend.

But that brings me to the upside of traveling, the knit and crochet productivity for the weekend is making me feel pretty good. Thanks to the following, I got a lot done:
1) A 4 ½ and a 5 ½ hour car ride
2) The time spent hanging out with family and friends when the kids didn’t require my constant attention because they are surrounded by family and friends (and dogs) who want to play with them
3) The time after the kids are in bed that I can knit or crochet because I’m not at home where I have chores to do

Now don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t knitting and crocheting 24/7. There were times that it wasn’t compatible with what we were doing or what the kids needed as well as time spent with my mom and aunt going through the items and furniture in my grandfather’s house.

1) By the time I went to bed on Thursday night, I had finished Todd’s mittens. This included ripping out and re-knitting the whole mitten top of the first mitten because the decreases were off by one stitch. I wove in the ends and everything. The next time we have a mild evening, these need to be washed and blocked.

2) I spent all of my car time and some of my evening TV time working on the blankets that are Book Project #2. Each of the two blankets is made up of 4 large squares that will be crocheted together – so 8 squares total. When we left I had 2 squares done and the 3rd was just started. When we got home I had 6 squares completed! I’m now 4 rows from being done with #7 and feeling much better about the deadline for this project.

3) I made a brief post about a baby shower gift I started despite the fact that my plate is too full. Over the weekend I finished all of the crocheting on this project, including the attachment of the sleeves to the body, the button bands and the collar. On Monday I bought buttons for this project, so this weekend the cardigan will get a good wash & block, have it’s ends woven in and get buttons. At which point I’ll have a shower gift ready for giving nearly a week early instead of wrapping up a gift that is still slightly damp from blocking. 😉

4) I bought Book Project #3 with me, but it didn’t leave the bag. Since my brain is so “full” right now, I’m hoping to finish up project #2 by Christmas and then have all of my brain power available to dig into #3 on the 26th. Unfortunately, that leaves me with less than a month to finish, but if I can finish all of the motifs and get them blocked by Christmas, doing the math and finishing the project should be a breeze. Should be…


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