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There was a time when I was a fairly serious photographer. At least I was for a high school student. I “inherited” my parents SLR camera, I took photography classes, I developed my own film and printed my own pictures, and I had a portfolio of my best work. Even after I was done taking classes, I spent a lot of time with my camera and was often the “official” photographer for my theater group or among my friends or on vacation.

I still have my Canon AE-1 film camera and probably a little film in the case, but I can’t remember the last time I used it. I’m fairly certain I have never used it to take pictures of the kids. I know I have used it since I got my first digital camera, but it has been a long time. I found the first digital cameras I worked with to be more like a fun toy (think Polaroid Instant) that a “real” camera. We still haven’t taken the plunge for a digital SLR, and so I still feel like our digital camera is more about convenience than great photography. I’ve taken some decent shots with it, but as someone who used to fiddle with focus and shutter speed and aperture, a point and shoot is not fun for me at all. (Of course, with kids there isn’t a lot of time to fiddle anyway, but if you’re taking 100 shots of them bouncing on the trampoline you can fiddle a little bit…)

The point of this post is that I feel like my camera phone is becoming a replacement for our digital camera. Even with my “old” iPhone, it seems to me that the picture quality is almost as good if not better in some cases. Add in the fact that I always have it with me, it is smaller and I can immediately adjust the pictures in one of my apps…and for everyday use the phone camera has become my stand-by. The only thing that I really prefer about the point and shoot is that it fits better in my hand and I can shoot one-handed.

(I’ll also point out that the kids have a well-padded digital camera with no adjustable controls, and it takes comparably good pictures, too. As long as the photographer doesn’t move mid-shot.)

As an example, here are some photos I took at Phipps this weekend and edited in my phone. Part of the reason that convenience is so important (in addition to capturing great moments with the kids) is the ability to document the things that inspire me. There are some great color combinations in the flowers and leaves and decorations. And not only does my camera phone allow me to document them quickly, it means that I have the photo with me all the time…because you never know when I might be able to sneak in a few minutes to work on a design.

I took this one because Heather said the sculpture looked like snakes. 🙂

The rest were taken because I loved the color combinations and textures.


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