That is the sound of the last two months.


Sample one is in Astrid DK from Space Cadet Creations. This yarn is so beautifully dyed and so lovely to work with. I suggest bugging Space Cadet to restock the DK in her etsy store. It is just as lovely as her fingering weight options, but works up faster. The blanket is both squooshy and dense, and it kept my lap nice and warm while working the edging.

Sample two is in Berroco Vintage DK. (Vintage DK Shade Card) I’ve worked with the worsted weight before and the DK is just as nice. This is currently one of my favorite commercial yarns – my go to for baby and blanket projects because of the great colors it comes in and the washability. I’ve worked in the past with acrylics that had a little wool in them. Vintage is more like working with a wool blend than an acrylic.

Full disclosure: I have heard that Vintage doesn’t survive the trip through the dryer as well as other acrylics. I am hoping in the next week (before I email the pattern to my editor) to crochet and knit up some swatches with my leftovers and toss them in the dryer with a load of clothes, since this is how I wash my kid’s blankets. I’ll report back and include my recommendations for care in the pattern.

These blankets are for book project #2. They took a bath this weekend with some Eucalan and they are currently blocking in our guest/storage room. I really, really hope that by the time I get home from work tonight they are both completely dry because each one has about 24 ends that need to be woven in. I need to take a few glamour shots and I would really like to get them in the mail tomorrow. I still have a buffer and they don’t *have* to go tomorrow…but I would like for them to get there before the very last minute. The written pattern needs a few last touches and maybe a chart or two…but thanks to my dedicated work on these in November this is one project that hasn’t been making my left eye twitch any worse.

(I am aware that I didn’t post about book project #3. I haven’t forgotten. Deadlines moved around and it was submitted in January. And it is part of the reason that January felt like it was only 10 days long.)

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One Response to Blocking

  1. Jenn says:

    I accidentally sent Vintage Chunky through the dryer, so maybe you heard it from me. I’ll be curious to see how your samples come out of the dryer. Mine accidentally went through with jeans, which I’m sure didn’t do them any favors!

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