In the works (still): Cabled Hoodie

Just before things got really crazy before the holidays, I started a hooded sweater for my son.

With deadlines behind me, I have picked the hoodie up again. Sadly, the arrival of an early spring, or um summer, means that he’s unlikely to get much wear out of it before fall…but it’s roomy so I’m sure he’ll get to wear it eventually.

As of this writing, I’m 6 rows from finishing the body and expect to be working on the first sleeve tomorrow. The thing I don’t like about raglan sweaters is how long the yoke rows are, but now that I’m ready to work on the sleeves I am glad that about a quarter of them is already knit. 🙂

The yarn is Dream in Color Classy worsted in the November Muse color way. I forgot how much yarn a hood eats up, so the kids and I had to return to the yarn shop one night this week to get more yarn.

Have I mentioned how nice it is that the kids like coming to the yarn shop with me? They generally behave well, respect the yarn and play with the shop toys long enough for me to work a few rows of my project. Plus, I get to show them off to my friends. Todd even modeled the hoodie in progress for a few seconds – just long enough for me to get a few oohs and aahs.

Maybe I’ll be able to get a picture of him in it when it is finished. As long as it isn’t 90 degrees when it is done…

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One Response to In the works (still): Cabled Hoodie

  1. Aww that’s great about your kids. My son quite often asks to go to our yarn shop (it’s literally about a minute from our house), he likes the colours and the novelty tape measures!

    The hoodie’s looking great, I really want to knit a brown one myself.

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