Oh Babette

You are so delightfully inspiring, so delightfully colorful and so delightfully big.

(The color above isn’t quite right. I haven’t had the chance to do a sunlit photoshoot.)
I don’t know if it is just my lack of experience with granny square blankets or if it was my desire to move onto other crochet projects once your repetitive nature got me in a good groove…but you have been often neglected over the past four years. It is not for a lack of respect and not because I didn’t want the final product, but I think it was the babies. Lots and lots of babies being had by many of my friends. So many babies, and I haven’t even finished projects for all of them because there have been so many. I would get some squares done and then put you down to make just one more baby gift. I also had a sweater binge in there, too, so I guess I can’t totally blame the babies.

Lovely Babette.

(Babette in the tub, having a soak)
I am pretty sure that you are my longest work in progress ever. In knitting or crochet. Even when you consider the sweater that has been complete except for a zipper for two years. Or the crocheted baby blanket for the “baby” who will be 18 months old next month. Many knitters and crocheters I know have a long term project or two. I don’t think this drawn out blanket makes me especially unique.

But I’m ready to stop making jokes about how long it has taken and ready for it to stop taunting me on my Ravelry projects page.

When I finished up some deadlines in February I pulled it out and promised myself that it isn’t going back in long term storage. After a week of focusing on it whenever I had evening time, all of the squares were assembled. Since it was an assembly that included some of my very early crochet stitches along with much more practiced squares, there were some wonky places, so next up was a bath. Babette had a nice soak in the tub with Eucalan and then I spread her out to relax and dry on the guest bed.

My current evening task while watching TV is to weave in all of the ends of the yarn used to crochet the squares together. My hope is that I can finish this task in the next few weeks and crochet the edging on Babette during my weekend away with my friends in April.

For those curious, the blanket is made with Cascade 220. My local yarn store where I teachcarriers every color that Cascade 220 comes in, so I had a fabulous time putting these 10 colors together. Amazingly, only one color that I started with has been discontinued since. If you need help putting together a group of colors like this, my color selection class would be a great place to get some help and advice on the process.

I expect to have a wonderfully warm and beautiful blanket by May…

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2 Responses to Babette

  1. Sarah says:

    Hey, with the weird way the weather’s been lately, you might just need it in May!

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