Book project #3

I have posted about book projects #1 and #2 several times each. They’ve gotten noticeable blog time and yet all I’ve ever done for the third project is tell you that it existed, but nothing else.

Partially this is because this was a hard won project. I swatched more for this little dress than any other project I’ve ever made. I got *almost* good results fairly early, but the scale wasn’t quite right…and it took a number of tries to both get the scale and the finishing just the way I wanted.

The project was made with Knit Picks Stroll yarn. Not only did the yarn deal fantastically with my constant need to crochet with it and pull it out again, but I was also thrilled that Knit Picks sent me one more skein than I had requested in each color…which was a lifesaver and gave me great peace of mind as the deadline loomed.

There was also a decision or two that I made near the end that I think improved the design even though my major reason for making them was more about speed than appearance. So I think this project was blessed with a few happy accidents.

All three book projects are going to be in a volume of the Fresh Designs Crochet series that will be published by Cooperative Press. I know that the goal is for them to be published in 2012…but I will be sure to post information about publishing dates and where to buy the books when I know more!


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