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I’m just going to start posting and pretend like it hasn’t been too long since I have kept up with this blog. Life has been busy, reorganizing the house, personal issues, blah, blah, blah. You don’t want to hear my excuses and I don’t want to write them. As the months have passed, I have been thinking about things to write, but not finding the time.

Not too long ago, I sat down and put all of my designs into a spreadsheet. There were 20 entries and only 3 of them have been finished and submitted for publication. The rest are all slated for self-publication and are in various states of completion. In theory, there might be a few ideas in there that could be submitted to an online magazine as long as I haven’t previewed the design on here or ravelry. As I finish writing and photographing them, my hope is to compare them with current submission calls to see if they fit anywhere. At the moment I am just not in the right headspace to tailor my work to a submission – the time I have is too haphazard for that.

So basically, each time a new idea pops into my head I feel discouraged to work on it because I have this backlog of designs that are bugging me. I really need to free myself from this backlog and to be able to move on.


Also, my friends and family continue to produce new babies at an alarming rate, which really sets back my productivity on my design samples. How selfish of them… 😛


I am trying to be proactive, and in the process I have focused my fiber time on finishing things as much as I can. I have found a tech editor. I have revised my logo. I have created a pattern template. And I have been working on the writing, charting and layout for several of those 17 patterns in progress. My goal is to get two of those patterns to the tech editor by the end of the week, and then I can allow myself to spend the weekend just knitting and crocheting on samples instead of being a slave to my computer. Then next week I’ll go back to the pattern writing again.

One of the things that gave me a kick in the pants was that the yearly knitting exchange was just announced at the yarn shop where I teach. All of the staff puts a yarn from their stash into a drawing and we each knit something for each other. (The exchange happens in January, so it doesn’t screw up holiday knitting for those who do that sort of thing.) Well, last year I made a mitt and cowl set in a design that I created and documented as I made it. And that design is among the 17 in waiting.

So now I have the yarn for one of my LYS coworkers and I know exactly what I want to make it into…but I can’t find a pattern that meets my vision.

Here we go again…

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