2 Months

Unintentional blog breaks are always fun, aren’t they?


I spent December getting ready for the holidays and trying to post my second pattern to Ravelry by the midpoint of the month for those holiday knitters. Then, due to my own holiday preparations (including a last minute decision to knit a pair of mitts for my daughter’s Kindergarten teacher) I didn’t have time to promote the pattern or put up the best pictures. Clearly, rushing to post it was not the best plan.

Now I have better pictures and soon I will tell you more about it. I promise. 😉

In January, I actually submitted design proposals to two submission calls that I hadn’t really been planning to do. But my first shipment from the InterStellar Yarn Alliance inspired me to swatch for a pair of mitts…and the next thing I knew I was writing a design proposal for an online magazine in the yarn. Just like that.

And then a few days later, when I had promised myself that I wouldn’t take on anything new until I had cleared the decks a little…the manager at Natural Stitches pointed me to a submission call that was a perfect fit for a design idea that had been floating around in my head already. The timing of the call was just long enough to make it happen and I just really could not resist. The swatch turned out great and I will definitely self-publish this one if the design is not chosen for the project.

And now, I wait. Probably about the time I stop obsessively checking my email for a response is when the messages will come. Cross your fingers for me!


That last submission was sent off just in time to start the plotting and planning for my daughter’s birthday party, which went off with great success this past Saturday!


The next big event is the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival! It is coming up in just over a month – March 15th to 17th – in Cranberry Township, north of Pittsburgh. I am thrilled to be teaching at the event for the second year in a row and over the next couple of days I will tell you a bit about the classes I’m teaching.

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