Teaching at Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival – Part 1 of 2

On Saturday March 16th, from 10am to noon, I will be teaching Knitting in the Round at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival. I am thrilled to be teaching at the festival again this year and I’m looking forward to meeting new students. I had a great group for my Top Down Sweater Class last year. I love my students at Natural Stitches, but it is also a lot of fun to meet and work with knitters from a wider geographic area. They also usually give me tips on what booths to be sure to check out in the market place!


From the website:

Knitting in the Round with Amy Maceyko

Saturday, March 16th, 10:00am-12:00pm

This class is designed for knitters who have only knit projects working back and forth and who would like to learn to knit in the round. This is also a good class for knitters who know one method for knitting in the round and would like to learn the other ways to knit a tube. Class will discuss knitting with DPNs, knitting with two circulars and knitting using the magic loop method. This class is for the beginner and above – students should know the knit stitch and how to cast on.

Supplies – A set of double pointed needles, a 24” circular needle and a 40” circular needle. All needles should be within two sizes of each other. Yarn at a thickness to work with the needles you have. Scissors, pencil and locking stitch markers or safety pins.

The cost of the class is $25. There is no homework or materials fee for this class, but you must sign up in advance for nearly all classes at the festival, including this one.


I remember as a new knitter being intimidated by double pointed needles. It seemed daunting to deal with those extra needles or the extra cord in the magic loop method. I have found that the first few rows in doing any of these methods are very fiddly, even for an experienced knitter.

In the class you will get a chance to knit each of these methods using a tube of fabric that I have already started knitting – so you will be able to more easily see and understand how the process works before you tackle your first fiddly cast on. We will also discuss ways to make sure that your tube of knitting isn’t twisted and how to weave in your first yarn tail to make a clean edge. I’ll also talk about why I knitters might use different methods for different projects and the most cost effective ways to knit in the round. (Although, don’t we all love collecting pretty needles?!)

I would love to see you in class – the registration process is described here!


Coming tomorrow – A preview of my other class…

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