Each year in March or April, I go away for the week with a group of great friends. This weekend was our 5th trip and it was just as great as always.

We talk. We knit. We cook. We eat. There are movies on in the background (usually ones that we have mostly seen so we don’t care if some dialogue gets missed) and sometimes an outing to hike or explore or run.

It’s restorative and relaxing, and it always goes very quickly. Even more so this year since I was knitting class samples for the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival, as well as my secret project.

Now I am home. Easing back into real life and the responsibilities which will rush at me tomorrow.

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4 Responses to Away

  1. Cloud says:

    This sounds awesome! One of my personal “fun goals” for 2013 is to go away for the weekend without my kids OR my husband. Reading about other people’s getaways just makes me more determined to do it!

    • Well, Cloud, one of my goals for 2013 is one that you are good at…which is to go away with JUST my husband. 🙂 The girl just turned 6 and we haven’t taken a kid-less trip since she was born. There will hopefully be two weekend getaways on the agenda this year!

      Here’s to both of us meeting our goals this year!

  2. Michelle says:

    Please share your photos 🙂 I love them!

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