In Which I Screw Up

March has turned into a month of craziness. Lots of weekend plans, lots of teaching, the deadline for my secret project, a lot going on at my day job and making all of that happen while also enjoying some of my girl’s Spring Break.

The little bit of sanity in all of this has been the sweater I’ve been test knitting for my friend. The yarn is gorgeous, there is a lot of stockinette stitch and it has been easy to pick up to knit just a few rows at a time. I’m just following her instructions, so I don’t have to do math or think very hard. Apparently I took the not thinking part to heart and I was not reading the instructions as carefully as I thought.

I had just finished the body of the sweater and I had started picking up along the edge for the collar/front bands, when a comment in the test knitting ravelry post caught me by surprise. A fellow knitter had needed to work far fewer rows after the increases than I had. So, I took a look at the pattern.

With dread, I realized that I had missed an important word in the pattern. The important word was the difference between increasing every 2 rows and increasing every 4 rows.


So at lunchtime today, I pulled out the stitches I had started to pick up around the collar. Then I put my circular needle through the last correct row of the sweater. It is a little hard to see in the photo since the cable of the circular needle is clear, but that line you see, where the stitches are puckered together, is where I will be ripping back to. Tonight I will hook it up to the ball winder and take it out…

We all make mistakes. No matter how long we have been knitting.

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