Plodding Along

So, April was one of those “just keep your head above water” kind of months. Busy weekends and husband traveling for work half the work days made the month feel like an intense juggling act. And the climax was my son’s 4th birthday party last weekend.

The two designs that I was able to work on are mostly secret for now – one magazine submission and one possible partnership with a local farm. I’m also working on a bridal shower gift and a baby gift, plus we are revamping how we teach Beginning Knitting and Beginning Crochet at Natural Stitches, so I have had a few swatches and write-ups to do for that.

I can show you the almost finished baby gift.

It still needs to have its ends sewn in and I need to pick buttons. It is a new sample for my baby crochet cardigan pattern which desperately needs a name.

I have been thinking about this pattern a lot. It will likely be the next one that I send to my tech editor and self-publish. I have been debating what sizes I should offer the pattern in and what variations to include. It is a fairly straightforward design, almost entirely in half-double crochet and with raglan shaping. So the value I’m offering is a graded pattern that is ideal for a crocheter who is new to making garments, but I want to include some language about customizing in the hope that it can appeal to intermediate crocheters, too.

My current thinking is that I am going to offer it in larger kid sizes so that it has some reusability. I am working on the grading and pattern layout now, and I think I will probably crochet one of the largest sizes while my tech editor is working on it. I am debating whether to get test knitters through ravelry.

On the plus side, going through testing would allow me to see all of the sizes and to get some projects up on ravelry. On the down side, I’m not sure that I really have time to run a test – dealing with the communication with the testers especially. I suppose I will keep pondering it while I continue working out the written pattern.

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