Time Out

Sometimes a design needs to go in time out.

I’m not going to go into all of the complexities of dealing with time outs in parenting, but I’ll say that sometimes a time out is the best thing that can happen with a design or with a knitted/crocheted item. The benefit of time away can help you see more clearly that which wasn’t obvious in the depths of creation.

When I got the yarn support for my last design, I also got yarn support to pursue additional ideas. I really wanted to make a stranded hat. Having seen the yarn from Ross Farm in my Primero, I wanted to see what I could do with it as the intended yarn. I knew that, as a longwool, it would behave differently from the commercial yarns that I am used to, but I also felt like it could work well in its own way.

I was right, but it took me a bit longer than expected to figure out the right avenue for the yarn.

I finished the hat…the first hat…about the same time as the cowl I published at the end of June. The pattern for the hat was a bit more work because of the grading process, so the cowl went first. Since I was having an easier time finding time to knit rather than time to grade the pattern, I made a version of the hat in a commercial yarn. And then I didn’t know what to do. The results were very different. The gauge was very different.

And I liked the design in the commercial yarn better than in the longwool. :-/

I’ll tell you honestly that I considered going ahead with the design as it was anyway, even though I didn’t love it. But my subconscious knew better. It kept distracting me with other projects and ideas, and I procrastinated on the pattern writing. To be honest, we were busy with summer activities, which is not conducive to sitting at the laptop…but I think I was also avoiding the process because I wasn’t passionate about it.

Then, I was asked to make a sample of my Primero in the Ross Farm yarn for Natural Stitches. That process made it pretty clear to me that the design I had completed was just not a good match for the yarn. Period. I can certainly publish the design in the commercial yarn, but the Ross Farm deserved something better.

This week I have knit up most of the sample of something better AND I have made real progress on the pattern writing. I feel better. I feel like I am serving the yarn better and doing what I should have done a month ago.

It’s time to start taking the yarn from the crown of the old hat to knit the crown of the new hat.

Lesson learned. If you don’t love it, try something else.

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