More about the Fair Isle Beanie

Sooooo…I have been trying a little experiment where I write several blog posts ahead of time and then set them to post the following week. I find that I am pretty good at sitting and writing for an hour or two and then spending another hour or so adding in pictures and setting up twitter notifications…but finding 20 minutes a day, not so much. I’m sure that seems silly and weird. But that is just where I am in my “work/life balance” shenanigans right now.

The downside of this plan is what happened in Wednesday’s blog post. While not necessarily a bad post, it was little inaccurate. At the time I wrote it, I didn’t expect to have the book in my possession until November…but the book came on Monday! Surprise!

Photo Oct 23, 10 00 54 PM

So sooner than expected, it is time for the real post about my first design to appear in a published book – wooo!

There have been a whole series of “60 Quick Knits” books, and this is the latest from Sixth & Spring which focuses on designs pulled from local yarn shops which carry the Cascade 220 yarns that are featured in the book. When the store manager at Natural Stitches forwarded the information about the submission process to me I immediately had an idea. I had been thinking for a while that I wanted to design a “next level” hat that a knitter could try after completing my Primero hat from my Introduction to Fair Isle class. So I swatched with the Cascade 220 Sport and with the same kind of straightforward (and repetitive) motifs that I had used before.

The sportweight yarn means more stitches per inch, which both allows the design to be more intricate and allows it to change more often. If you’ve made Primero, or any simpler stranded project in worsted weight yarn, the Fair Isle Beanie from “60 Quick Knits from America’s Yarn Shops” is a great next challenge. It really isn’t more difficult , but it will allow you to dig into a more substantial accessory that will impress everyone!

Here are a few photos of my daughter modeling it the morning before I put it in the mail to the publisher!




I LOVED working with the Cascade 220 sport. It is the second time I’ve knitted with it, and it was just as fabulous as I remembered. I have leftovers from my submission swatch, a few more ideas and two kids who keep changing their minds about what their favorite colors are. 😉 I think it is very likely that there will be another stranded hat design from me in the future, in this yarn. It is just a question of when I can squeeze it into my design queue!

I hope you like my Fair Isle Beanie and that you will give the book a flip through at your LYS or local bookstore. I think the projects are really nicely put together, and given how much I like working with Cascade 220, I think there will be a few projects from other designers that I will be making for myself! A few of my favorites are the Animal Vests, the Graphic Mitts, the Twisted Rib Hat and the Fair Isle Stockings. Since I have a few overdue baby gifts, the animal vests might be first on my list…

Happy knitting!

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