One down…

I was apparently a very good girl this year because one of my birthday presents was a membership in the Interstellar Yarn Alliance (ISYA) from Space Cadet Creations. It was a lovely series of yarn package deliveries and I highly recommend the club (or one of Stephanie’s other clubs) if you are looking for one to join. The ISYA club is only opened at certain times of the year, but I think her mini-skein club is open for sign-ups anytime. Check on the website for more information.

I first met Stephanie at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival…I think it was in 2011. She was a vendor there for the first time and I was visiting the vendors with my mom on Sunday. That morning I had exchanged messages with a friend who had visited the show the day before and her advice was this (paraphrased because I’m not searching for FB posts from 2 ½ years ago):

“No matter where you go, do NOT miss Space Cadet Creations yarn. Gorgeous.”

Photo Mar 02, 1 08 56 PM

And my friend was absolutely right. I was on a budget that year because I was out of work, and I still brought home a skein of Stephanie’s yarn. It was just that beautiful. Not only are her bases snuggly soft, and her color sense is fabulous, but she is also a lovely person who is so fun to talk to. I’ve made a point to visit her at every local show that I attend. (Full disclosure: We have become friends, too.)

There is something pretty awesome about getting gorgeous yarn in amazing colors from a lovely person. It makes the fiber world a great place to be.

Photo May 03, 5 29 20 PM

Sadly, due to my designing, I haven’t done much more than pet and adore my ISYA skeins, with the exception of the yarn from the January package. This colorway is SO ME it goes with most of my wardrobe. I began knitting a pair of fingerless mitts around my birthday so I would always have a project I could pick up when I am between design samples. Slow but sure progress has been made. The first one is complete (and blocked) and the second one is cast on.

Photo Jun 20, 1 58 34 PM (1)

The pattern is called Translated by Roxanne Richardson. The name of the colorway is ‘On a Winter’s Eve”. I don’t know if Stephanie plans to offer it as a regular colorway when the club exclusivity period is over, but if you like it you should ping her and put in a request for it. I know I plan to ask her to make more of it. Oh, and the dying is on her Aurora base which is 20% cashmere. So, so, so soft. Mmmmmmm.

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