Asola debuts

I have been waiting for today with a lot of anticipation.

It is interesting that I am fairly used to the delayed gratification of being an architect. I’ve worked on projects for years before construction even began, and in some cases I’ve never gotten to see my completed projects in person. And yet, when it comes to producing knitting and crochet designs, I find the delay between completed sample and publication to be difficult to wait through. Maybe it is just because I am in control of the process from beginning to end (usually) and it is relatively fast compared to the design and construction process in architecture.

Today’s pattern release is the project that I previewed a couple of weeks ago and I am thrilled about it on multiple levels. First, because it is in yarn from SpaceCadet Creations. I shared my love for Stephanie’s yarn last week, so I won’t ramble on again. But needless to say, her colors are gorgeous. It is hard to capture all of the variation in the Sliver yarn (the light grey) with photography, but there is a lot of depth to the color and I can’t wait to find a small project to use up the remnants of that color.

Second, I had the idea for the construction of this shawl months ago. It is possible that someone else has done this before, I’m not claiming an invention here, but I know that the idea came up in my mind while I was working on my last two designs and it was hard not to jump on it immediately. I sketched it, and then I put it aside to come back to it…but I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. (My next pattern will have the same construction and I have ideas for at least two more!) So after all these months of keeping the idea to myself, I am thrilled to get it out there.

And last, there is just something so fun about sharing a design idea with the world. I can be a very good secret keeper, but I don’t really enjoy keeping secrets. It feels good to share!

Meet Asola!


Asola Back Full

The Asola stole is constructed by creating a long crochet chain that serves as the spine of the project. You then pick up stitches up and down both sides of the chain, and proceed to knit the oval** in the round. There is a tutorial for this process in the pattern, which I will also post on the blog in the coming weeks. The half circles on the ends are made the same way that one makes a pi shawl – doubling the number of stitches each time the number of rows is doubled.

Photo Nov 05, 7 31 28 AM

In this design, an eyelet round is used each time that the stitches are doubled in the half circles. You can see how the eyelet rounds are close together to begin with and spread out as the piece gets larger. The short row sections (the pattern is written so that these are optional) allowed me to use up most of the Orianna 8-ply skein and show off the beautiful varigation in the colorway.

As I was approaching the edging, I knew I wanted to find a stitch pattern that would show off the depth of color in the Celeste yarn but would be in keeping with the simpler nature of the stitches used in the rest of the pattern. My next pattern is rather complicated lace, so I wanted this version to be more approachable for a wider range of knitters. I found the daisy stitch in one of my Barbara Walker treasuries. I loved the look of it and then finished the piece off with a picot bind-off.


I hope you love Asola as much as I do! Part of my wants to cast on for another right now with a more subtle color combination. So many projects, so little time. 😉

I normally list all of the information for the pattern in these posts – needle size, yarn details, skills, etc. But since I have written so much already, I’m going to suggest to pop over to the ravelry page to get all of the information and to see more photos.


** The real name for this shape is obround, but it doesn’t have quite the same ring to is as oval. Plus the short row sections mean that this stole isn’t really obround either, so let’s stick with the more common geometric name.


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3 Responses to Asola debuts

  1. kreweel says:

    Have already made one, and started another, I just love this pattern and plan to make many more. Thank you for you ideas, and I am anxious to see what you come up with next!

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