In the Works: Something Old

In 2011, soon after I started working at Natural Stitches, the store decided to stop selling Noro yarns. I was asked if I would run a Knit and Crochet-a-long to “Say Goodbye to Noro”. Knowing what I know now, it would have been better to have found two free entrelac patterns, made samples, offered a class to teach entrelac and then used those for the KAL/CAL. But since I am crazy (ahem), I decided to design two entrelac scarves for the event from scratch.
 Given the circumstances, I wrote up two fairly reasonable patterns to give away to store patrons for free. Really not bad for my first go at designing considering how little I knew. We had some participants, but not a lot. I haven’t done a lot of Knit and Crochet-a-longs, so I wasn’t necessarily the best person to run one. But the Noro was all sold-out and I learned a lot from the process.
 Here’s where I admit that I never finished my own scarves (either one) and I never had the pattern tech-edited.
 My wonderful coworker at the shop, Jenn, finished the knit version. Her sample has served as the placeholder on the design page. The crochet design is represented by a swatch.
 Sad panda.
 Late this past summer I started to revisit both designs. I swatched and rewrote both patterns, and I realized that part of my issue with the original samples is that I just don’t love Noro. The samples have been by my bed for two years and I always find excuses not to work on them. One of my samples was in Kureyon (scratchy for a scarf) and the one in Silk Garden just has too much brown in the colorway for me to love it. I’ll find something else to do with the yarn or pass it along to someone who loves it.
 Thankfully, Natural Stitches has a solution – Cascade Casablanca! The fiber blend and feel is very similar to Noro Silk Garden, and the yarn has very long color shifts like Noro yarns, but the colorways are more classic and traditional. This is a GREAT yarn for entrelac and a pleasure to work with and wear.
 To make a surprisingly long story short (too late), I spent the fall soccer season working on the sample of the knit version. I bound it off during the last game of October, and I’ve since washed and photographed it.

 There is still a little more editing to do on the pattern before it goes off to my tech editor, but I’m hopeful that it will be published before the end of the year.
 Sadly, the swatching of the crochet version has made me realize that I don’t love the design as is. Crochet can do more interesting things than my original design does, and it needs some reworking and rethinking. Since only a couple of Natural Stitches customers picked up the pattern for free two years ago and none of them set up Ravelry projects for it, I don’t think anyone will care if I redo the whole thing. It will still be crochet and entrelac, but with a more interesting stitch pattern!
 Look for it in Spring 2014 – and then there will finally be available patterns and decent pictures associated with all of my designs on Ravelry!

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