Switching Gears

Mid-September to mid-october was spent making my daughter’s Halloween costume.
 Mid-October to mid-november was spent getting two patterns finished and published.
 Mid-November to mid-december has me focused on family and the holidays.
 Don’t get me wrong. I’m still working on upcoming designs. But it is more of the sample making (while I relax and watch TV) and the pattern formatting (while I eat lunch at work), and not the kind of design work that involves sitting at my computer for 3-4 hours over the weekend. Those long spans of time over the weekend were spent straightening up the house, procuring Thanksgiving groceries and spending time with my family. (My daughter and I are reading the first Harry Potter book – Whee!)
 With the exception of Christmas, I’m not big on holiday decorating. My husband likes to decorate for Halloween and in general likes putting up strings of lights for any occasion. But my personal goal for a holiday is a relatively neat house. With two little kids, meeting that goal can be a challenge. Some holidays I (we) manage it and some holidays I end up with a huge pile of crap in a bedroom with a closed door. Sometimes it is just the four of us plus my parents and I give up on the goal. (We just watched a video from last Easter where the kids are hunting for eggs and the house looks like there was an explosion of toys and art projects. No, I’m not going to share the evidence with you…)
 I have learned since becoming a parent that I do a better job of relaxing and enjoying my time off if the house is reasonably neat. I would much rather spend most of Thanksgiving day hanging out with my kids and cooking than dashing around the house trying to make it presentable. So I do my best to get us in reasonable shape before the actual holiday arrives.
 I’m pleased to report that my efforts of the previous week made for a more relaxing holiday. And also, I finished a cowl sample and many squares of the baby blanket during family time.
 I’m sure there will be more knitting and crochet content in the next month, but if things are sort of quiet around here, it’s because my holiday/family commitments are taking precedence!
 Happy Thanksgiving!

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