Getting Closer

The entrelac scarf pattern is almost ready to go to the tech editor. The real issue is that every spare minute lately has been spent on holiday preparations, everyday chores or vegging out in front of the TV because I’m so tired from working so hard. I just have to check some measurements on the sample, put photos in the pattern and fix the schematic. Not much work and not hard, but nothing on my to do list is hard…it just all takes time.


I hate to add to the busy, busy, busy chorus that we hear often at this time of year…mostly because I’m not complaining. Our schedule is more full than usual, but it is full of fun things and quality family time. That can be hard for me to handle sometimes – especially since I became a mother – I tend to try to pack as much productivity as I can into my days. Inevitably, if I do this for too long, I end up worn and and wanting to do NOTHING for an evening or two. And then the cycle starts all over.

I’ve also sort of convinced myself that this is a bad time to release a new pattern. Last December’s release of Primero saw no action, despite being a nice, small project for holiday knitting. I’m debating whether to try to release it between Christmas and New Year’s or wait until a few weeks into January. As I don’t want to pressure my tech editor at this time of year, it may be a moot point if she can’t squeeze the pattern into her queue before Christmas.

This is my long way of saying that I am thinking about my designs A LOT, but making progress on them is very challenging right now.

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