Weekend Accomplishment

9 hours in the car plus spending most of Saturday hanging out with family can result in the following:

A Christmas present for my daughter’s 1st grade teacher. Please pardon the unblocked photo lit by office fluorescent fixtures. It seems unlikely that there will be daylight for photography between now and when I need to wrap them on Thursday night. The 1×1 ribbing and picot bind-off will look more orderly after a bath.
 The pattern is based on my hastily scribbled notes about the pair I made for her Kindergarten teacher:

Yes, this picture is even worse. I finished these the day before they were going to be gifted, which left little time for blocking. If I remember correctly, this picture was taken in the morning before I tossed them in a gift bag and my daughter’s backpack.
 I should really start thinking about holiday gifts for teachers in September. 😉
 The pattern is very versatile in fingering weight yarn. One pair is in wool-silk and the other is in a wool-nylon blend. I’m happy with the results given how relatively little planning I put into them. At some point I would like to put a little more thought into the cable pattern, take complete notes (including gauge…) and work them up for publishing. No promises on when that might happen.
 Hopefully, I’ll do it before I find myself scrambling to make pairs for my daughter’s second grade teacher and my son’s kindergarten teacher next December!


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