I know I’m not the only one who is probably feeling a bit off kilter thanks to the lack of normalcy that January has provided this year. 2 hour delays and school cancellations have been prevalent, and quite frankly I was thrilled and surprised that there wasn’t one yesterday. And then we had a delay again today. Based on the forecast, I don’t think we will be so lucky next Tuesday either.
 The lack of structure and predictability is wearing.
 I’m not really complaining. January always seems to be a bit harried (February birthdays, local festival in March, general recovery from the holidays), this one has just been especially weird. We are lucky to have the flexibility to cover all of these weather-inflicted changes, and overall I think we’ve done a good job of enjoying the “extra” time with our kids and squeezing in work at unlikely hours to keep our bosses happy.
 It has been a bit of a roller coaster on my mental state. After a few days of only playing with each other, the kids start bickering earlier and earlier in the day. And if I’m staying up late to work on a drawing for work, then I’m clearly not getting any pattern writing done. I’ve made some good progress on samples, but not the writing and charting.
 On the plus side, my daughter and I have finished reading the second Harry Potter book, which meant that we got to watch the movie on Wednesday. It limited my motivation to catch up on laundry and dishes…or work on taking down Christmas…but I did get a little bit done during the Dobby scenes. I forgot how much fun it is to watch those movies right after reading the books. There are lots of hints left about the things “left out” from the books and seeing how the actions sequences are reworked to be more visual for the “big” screen.
 This is a long way of saying that I am trying to get back to a routine again, which I want to include blogging and design. I have a pattern nearly ready for release and several more that I plan to tease soon.

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