Coming in February

My next pattern in Ross Farm yarn is a crocheted cowl. The yarn is worsted weight and I admit that I have been wearing the heck out of it lately. Warm but light, and in a great neutral…I am going to be sad to give this one up for the booth display.

Behold, a not-so-great teaser photo taken at work, because I am too impatient to wait to show this to you!

I have already started making one for myself in Cascade Cloud in a lovely teal color so that it will be less heart-breaking to give this one to the great people at Ross Farm Fiber. It won’t go as well with my whole wardrobe as the natural cream color, but it will look great with my eggplant coat.

The pattern is written and I have started drawing the chart. I’ve taken better photos than the one in this post, but I think I need a few more and I will want some of the teal version when it is done. I hope to send this off to my technical editor in the next week!

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