Festival Recovery

In some ways, this whole week will be about recovering from teaching 4 classes in 3 days. Although I don’t like the word “recovery” because it makes it sound as though I need to deal with something bad that happened and there was nothing bad at all about this past weekend.

You know when things are great, but they are great in a way that is completely and totally exhausting? Like birthday parties, and Christmas, and weddings. That is how I feel after teaching all weekend at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival, and I assume that it is a similar feeling after other fiber festivals.

There is so much about the weekend that is exhilarating – sharing knowledge with other fiber enthusiasts, seeing that moment when your students “get” the concept you’re teaching, converting crocheters to love crochet charts, talking with vendors & friends, petting gorgeous yarns, and bringing home amazing hand-dyed yarns. Not to mention hearing compliments on my designs, and selling multiple copies of my patterns. Ross Farm sold out of the Primero kits on Saturday and had to wind more for Sunday! (I felt a little bad that they had to do the work Saturday night making up the kits, but I’m thrilled that Primero has found an audience with their customers.)

My students were terrific and patient with my desire to pack as much information in my classes as possible. I had a few returning students and it was very gratifying to hear compliments on my teaching skills. Although, I think in the future I will try to stick with shorter classes for this festival. It isn’t that I think the students can’t handle the information or intensity of a 3-4 hour class, but I have found that the draw of the market is very strong and I’m probably better off planning a shorter class. There are also a LOT of women who come with their friends for a girls’ weekend, and their desire to socialize is as strong as their desire to learn. So somewhere between the 2 and 3 hour mark, many of them seem ready to switch back to socializing and shopping mode. This is not a criticism of my students in any way. I’m just trying to learn from my experiences and plan the best classes that I can for this crowd. 🙂

I can’t blame my students for wanting to return to the festival market. The booths were great this year and there seemed to be a lot of new vendors. I will do a wrap up of my purchases in another post. But let’s just say that there were a few vendors that received a nice chunk of my teaching fee because I COULD NOT RESIST what they were offering. I think I will need to stay on a yarn diet until Maryland Sheep and Wool…

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