Festival Shopping

Teaching 4 classes at the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival meant previous little time to shop. I had an hour on Friday night, an hour on Saturday afternoon and about two hours on Sunday. When you consider that at least half of my “shopping” time was spent socializing with fiber friends, I really couldn’t do justice to the whole market.

I had a few strategies:

I generally skipped booths of local yarn shops. Not to dis them, but it’s not likely that I’m going to buy commercial yarn at a show with indie dyers and farmers.

I also skipped the booths when I have yarn from that vendor in my stash from a previous year. No matter how much I love their yarn. I wanted to focus on new-to-me yarns and vendors.

Wandering Wool, Heights Worsted
In Gray Matter and Sugar Plum
100% Superwash Merino
218 yd/100 g

Planned to be another sample of the hat I designed for my SIL.

Ross Farm Heritage and Rare Breed Fibers, Jacob yarn
“Windy”, sport 2 ply
250 yds/3 oz

Yarn support from my favorite enabler, for swatching and inspiration.

Apple Tree Knits Yarn
Silk Fingering, Jewelbox Gradient
100% silk
3.5 oz/ 434 yds

I was sucked into her booth by the gorgeous gradients. I haven’t dared look at her etsy shop yet for fear that I might go a little too crazy with the credit card.

Brooks Farm Yarn
Solo Silk, sport weight
50/50 Fine Wool and Silk
4 oz/ 400 yds
Natural and LC20

Destined for colorwork in some form.

Four Play, worsted
50/50 Fine Wool and Silk
4 oz/ 270 yds

Tenino, worsted
50/50 Fine Wool and Tencel
6.5 oz / 400 yds

Colorwork for these as well. Possibly yet another hat. Maybe with mitts given the yardage.

Last, but not least, a bag and circular needle case from KSC Designs. So many pretty fabrics, it was hard to choose…but I kept going back to the chairs! It was also hard to choose which needle case to get. They were all lovely and I was taken by the compact nature of the interchangeable version. But I was practical and I started with the case that I needed the most. I can’t say that I will be practical in the future.

Like I said yesterday, I may need to go on a yarn diet until Maryland Sheep and Wool. 😉

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