Ripping out and Redoing

When it comes to mistakes, there is a spectrum of responses that I see from knitters and crocheters. Some keep going and find a way to cover up the issue. Some can ignore small issues but fix larger ones. And I’ve met some who rip back for every issue no matter how minor so that the finish item is as perfect as possible, even before blocking.

The more years I have spent making things, the more prone I am to ripping back to fix mistakes. Granted, if I am knitting and I can fix my mistake by dropping down stitches, I will absolutely do that instead of ripping out full rows. But that really isn’t an option in crochet. And sometimes the only way to get the result you want is to redo.

That is the preamble for today’s tale of ripping out and redoing. 😉

A few weeks ago,  I made time on a regular basis to put together the baby blanket I started late last year. I was excited about the prospect of having two blanket samples to show off in class t the festival. I didn’t lay out all of the squares and put thought into their order, I just got going. By last weekend, I had all of the squares together and half of the border done. Great! Until I looked at the blanket during my color selection class and realized that I wasn’t actually happy with it.

When I purchased the yarn, I knew I liked the colors as a group, but I didn’t love the light blue right against the avocado. I made a mental note that I would assemble the blanket so that those two colors didn’t touch. Can you see where this is going?

Yeah, I forgot all about that plan and just assembled the blanket according to the diagram in my pattern. Which does not allow for the separation of two colors.

So last night at knit night I stared at the blanket for a few minutes…realized that I would not be thrilled to either put pictures up on my ravelry page or gift the blanket…and I ripped off the edging and detached the squares. Props to my friends for not gasping at the destruction! I decided to reconnect the squares using alternating slip stitches into each square with the border color.


After 2 hours of ripping and crocheting:

While somewhat upsetting to undo my work, it is going back together quickly and I am getting an effect that I am much happier with.

Close-up before:

Close-up after:

The fact that I like the result so much more has re-energized me to finish the project, and I think it will carry me through until I’m done!

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