Weekend Away

Each spring I go away for the weekend with a group of wonderful ladies. This past weekend was our 6th annual trip and we have certainly found our groove. The original reason that we used to all get together was to knit. That was how we all met. Over time, knitting has been the focus of the group less and less, though most of us still used the weekend away as a means for some crafting time. This year there was knitting, crocheting, quilting, digital scrapbooking, needle felting, wreath making, and donut making. (That’s a craft, right? Ok, maybe not, but they were DELICIOUS donuts!)
 When this group began ten years ago, I was primarily doing cross-stitch and most of the other members were knitting. I admit that knitting didn’t grab my attention at first…until I saw the books with sweater patterns. I forced myself to finish the wedding sampler that I was working on before learning to knit. I knew how many unfinished cross stitch projects were in my office, and I knew how important it was to finish a present with a deadline first.
 Ten years later, and I am the one in the group most obsessed with knitting and crochet. I knitted on the drive there, knitted and crocheted through movies, crocheted while watching Harry Potter, knitted all through the evening, and crocheted on the drive home. For the most part, if I wasn’t eating or sleeping, I had yarn in my hands. My only issue is the fact that I take a week’s worth of projects with me instead of just 48 hours worth. God forbid that I would run out of projects!
 Here are the accomplishments of the weekend:

 A few inches of a hat, knit on the car ride there. This is another sample of the hat I made for my Sister-in-law. Given the current season change, it is unlikely that I will publish this before the fall. Though I am hoping to get the sample done before it is too warm so I can get some modeled photos that look appropriate for fall.

 (See how much my cat missed me while I was gone? He really wanted to “help” with the photo shoot.)
 I knit on this sweater Friday evening through Saturday morning. I decided last weekend that I would like a broken ribbing rather than a regular ribbing. So I pulled back the hem last week and reknit it before dinner. After that I worked on the first sleeve. When I was a few inches from finishing, I tried it on noted that I had not decreased enough – there was too much extra fabric at the wrist. I ripped back to the elbow, knit and few rows and went to bed. Saturday morning, with a fresh mind, I recalculated how frequently I needed to decrease. I finished that first sleeve soon after finishing a super-yummy brunch. I was a little tired of purple yarn in stockinette at that point, but I picked up the stitches for the second sleeve and worked the first two inches. In the hope of keeping this from being a WIP forever. I started this sweater in 2012 and I am at the point that I just want to wear it!
 To do something completely different from worsted weight purple yarn in stockinette, I switched to crocheting with laceweight for the afternoon. 🙂
 Things were quieter Saturday afternoon. Some people napped, some people read, and there was generally less chatter. So I decided it was a reasonable time to try to work out the fingerless mitts I’ve started designing. I had already worked and washed my swatch. I had a general design in mind – it just needed implementation. The house was quiet just long enough that I was able to work out the design that afternoon, and write it down as I worked.
 Even better…

 …I finished the first mitt on the ride home, a few minutes before I was dropped off! And I am thrilled with the results!

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