Getting By

There is so much to say and not a whole lot of time to say it. The past 4 weeks or so have been just as full as I had anticipated. Wonderful and exhausting.

I was so exhausted, in fact, that when I found myself home alone this past Saturday night I barely had the energy to knit. In my head I wanted to catch up on a few chores, work on the chart for my crochet mitts pattern (that I thought would be published by now), and get some more straightening up done in my office. What I actually did was catch up on my DVR backlog, do a little knitting and go to bed early!

A quick summary of the past few weeks:

– Leaving my old job was strange (I’ve never chosen to leave a job before), especially the last few days of people stopping by my desk to say goodbye and such. It was a bit of a relief to leave, though there are a few coworkers that I miss seeing each day.
– The two weeks I was “off” between jobs was nice but jam packed. I did manage to make some progress cleaning up my office. (The surface of my desk is visible!) It also afforded me a couple of days off before and after our family trip to Florida for Spring Break to do laundry and pack/unpack. It wasn’t enough time to feel “caught up” on chores before I started the new job, but at least we all had clean clothes to wear and food in the refrigerator.
– Our trip to Florida was fun. The kids enjoyed their first memorable plane rides, Legoland, the beach and Disney Hollywood Studios. The trip allowed me some knitting time (some of which has been ripped out since), and also some time to just sit in the car and stare out the window. It was our first vacation in a while that was more than just a long weekend away, and the break was much needed.
– The new job is very good. I’m settling in, I’m learning the software, I like the people, and I like the work. My commute is a little shorter and there seems to be enough flexibility to well integrate my personal and work life. There is one woman in the office who knits garter stitch scarfs…maybe I can convert her into someone who wants to knit at lunch. 😉
– The kids and I had a great time at Maryland Sheep and Wool. It was the first time I attended and it was similar to what I imagined. I will do a separate post on that adventure soon.

At the moment I feel as though I have too many projects in progress. I hope that my focus over the next few weeks can be about gaining control of them, and making my personal & designing lives feel more settled. Part of this is the office organization, and moving some furniture and personal belongings around. I’m feeling the pressure to get this reorganization done soon so that it is complete before the summer heat arrives.

I will try to find some interesting things to share with you, despite all of this boring “background” stuff going on. But I hope that once I feel more settled in my spaces at home I can refocus on my design work in full force during my free time.

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