Product vs. Process

In some circumstances I am a product knitter/crocheter, and in other circumstances I am a process knitter/crocheter.

The desire for a knitted sweater and a 10-color crocheted afghan were part of the reason that I learned to knit and crochet in the first place. I have always been motivated by the desire for certain products of my crafting as motivation to learn new skills.

That said, now that the muscle memory of knitting and crochet are well established, there are times that I need to knit or crochet just for the sake of doing them. Either as a part of relaxing my brain at bedtime or to give me something to do with my hands in the car or to give me a purpose at the park other than watching my kids ride their bikes in circles. These are times when the process is more important than the product. (Though I admit that I have trouble crafting with no end product in mind…)

The past few months I’ve needed the process more than anything else. I have been making second samples of a few designs and I finished a few things that were already planned out. My brain has been so occupied with job change issues and our full family schedule that there just hasn’t been time for me to spend 2-4 hours working out a design.

This past weekend I desperately needed something to work on, and all of my designs are in the state of needing time for thinking and planning. There is one shawl that I have knit on and ripped out three times already. Our weekend and my tired brain didn’t accommodate planning/thinking time.

So I used the leftovers from the second sample of my Stitch Pattern Sampler blanket to make a hat. So fast, and exactly what I needed to work on at the soccer games, in the car, at the park, and before bed.

This coming weekend has few plans on the calendar, so I hope it will allow me the time to think and plan out a few projects. Otherwise, I see more hats in my future.


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