Finishing and Organizing

Right now, all of my available brain power, time, and energy that is not allocated to my job and family is going toward finishing and organizing. Finishing projects in progress. Organizing my spaces in the house and my stuff. (I always seem to do the shared spaces or the kid stuff first, and run out of energy for mine.)

A couple of years ago, I got my grandmother’s desk and her dresser. The desk spurred me on to start setting up an office on the third floor. But I couldn’t put together the consecutive time needed to complete the set-up. The dresser is bigger than what I had before, and it has the space for what was in my dresser and my vanity. This would allow me to use my vanity as a sewing table and free up space in our dressing room*.

So last month when I had a couple of days to myself as a part of the job change, I started the re-organization process. The office had become a dumping ground, so the first task was to deal with the mess. Other than sifting through my stash, that process is mostly done. I still need to move all of my office supplies into my desk and put the stash back on the shelves, but most of the materials up there have been gone through and have found a home.

This past weekend I worked on the dresser and cleaning out the vanity. Visible progress was made, though there is still a pile on top of the vanity to finish sifting through, plus a few boxes on the floor to deal with. I wish this wasn’t such a long process, but I realize that part of the reason it is so daunting is because I have put it off for so long. It was easy to ignore and work around. So I did. And for a number of years I had a good reason (aka infanthood and toddlerhood), but the time has come to deal with my crap and make my spaces the useful areas that I deserve.

This is the short (or not so short) way of explaining the lack of designing at the moment. The designs I have in progress require some serious computer time that I am not making time for at the moment in order to get my physical space in order. Hopefully, I will have all of my areas in order before the summer heat hits…at which point I can use my computer under a nice fan or next to an air conditioner. 😉

*I call it this because I don’t know what else to call it. It is a room adjacent to our bedroom where we have our dressers, my closet and where we dress. Originally, it was a 4th bedroom, but it now functions as a part of our room since the bedroom doesn’t easily accommodate dressers.

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