Out of Area 51

I’m just going to keep posting here as though there are loads of interesting fibery things going on. In truth, I haven’t even knit the past two nights before bed. I’m still feeling exceptionally tired, and I’m trying to be a mature adult who goes to bed early to fix the issue. Trying.
 But in the vein of finishing, as I talked about yesterday, I used my available knitting time over the weekend to work on a present for me that has been on the needles for a very long time.
 According to ravelry, I started the project on my birthday in February of 2013. And according to this post, I finished the first mitt in October 2013.
 I probably shouldn’t point out that this is the second time I have made this pattern, and I made the first pair in under a month.
 Anyway…at some point in late 2013 or early 2014 I cast on for the second mitt and finished the cuff. I would guess that either I was distracted by a design, or was just unable to muster the focus for the set-up round for the cables. No matter. The mitts have been pulled from hibernation, and have been a perfect project for the knitting time I’ve had available.

 Behold, I have knit up past the thumb opening on mitt #2! With a little dedication, this can be ready just in time for the annual washing & summer storing of all of the knitted & crocheted things!

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