Class with Sivia

For a number of years, I had a personal policy: Anytime a nationally known knitting or crochet teacher taught in my vicinity, I would do my best to attend a class that they took.

Lucy Neatby, Melissa Leapman, Robyn Chachula, Nikki Epstein, Sivia Harding, to name a few…

There were a few missed opportunities due to late notice or having a newborn. But for the most part I stuck to that goal. At least until I started to teach classes myself. It turned out that teaching took up so much time (the act of teaching plus the time for preparation), that I didn’t feel like I could take those classes anymore. It killed me not to take a class from Lily Chin this past spring at the Pittsburgh Knit & CrochetFestival…but really, I only could have taken her Sunday morning class and I desperately needed to sleep in that day to survive such an intense teaching weekend.

So, one of the benefits of not teaching anymore is freeing up the time to take classes when special teachers come to town! Last weekend, Sivia Harding taught classes at Natural Stitches and I can’t say enough good things about the class I attended. I took her Sunday class on sideways lace design, and it was great. She was so willing to share her experience and her Japanese stitch dictionaries! (I know what will be on my Christmas list this year…) This is the first class I’ve taken about design, and it was helpful to hear how she approaches her process, and to get tips on getting lace stitches to work together. Also, the chance to look at her designs up close was instructive on it’s own.

I highly recommend taking a class from Sivia if you ever get the opportunity. I left the class with a completed swatch and a nearly fleshed out design. I’ve started a sample based on what I learned from the swatch, and I’m anxious to work up more of the sample. So add one more design to the list that I hope to publish later this year, and since the class I’ve sketched several more ideas…so much for my goals to finish things on the needles and designs in process…

Swatch in the intense sun we had this weekend

Swatch in the intense sun we had this weekend

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