The need to knit

This weekend, we decided to take the kids to see the new Planes movie. About an hour before we were going to leave, I realized that I didn’t have any movie theater knitting, and I was feeling like I REALLY wanted to knit during the movie. We don’t go to as many movies as we used to, and when we watch movies at home I can generally knit or crochet on anything I want to, since the room isn’t dark.

You know when you have those moments when the act of knitting or crocheting is a necessity? I was happy to see the movie and spend time with my family, but I really needed to knit, too. I can’t explain quite why, it was just a very strong urge.

That doesn’t mean that it is unusual for me to knit at family activities, but often I do it when the projects I have on the needles mesh well with the activity. It is only occasionally that I will start a project just because nothing I have on the needles is a good fit for our plans.

So I cast on a sock. This is sort of momentous, in that I can’t remember exactly when I last knit myself a pair of socks. I love my handknit socks and I have a nice array of sock yarns in my stash, but for whatever reason (baby gifts, designing, having a week’s worth of socks already) it has been several years since I have knit any new pairs.

I forgot how incredibly fast a plain stockinette sock can be! I knit the toe during our drive to the restaurant and dinner…

And the whole foot during the movie…

Actually, I knit so much that the foot was too long and I had to rip back about 8 rows that night!

The yarn is Wendy’s Sunrise in Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock. This is from their Color Commentary series…from 2009. So I went into deep stash for this one. I love the colorway, which is saying a lot for a yarn I purchased 5 years ago. I must really love it, if I STILL love it after all this time.

I am trying a Houdini sock construction for the first time. I admit that I didn’t even read Cat Bordhi’s pattern, but I have heard the Knitmore Girls describe it enough times that I understood how it worked. So far I seem to be getting a very nice looking sock that fits well! And though I will need to return to some design samples soon, for the moment it is nice to have something easy to pick up and put down when I can squeeze in a few stitches.

I am knitting a bit on it at lunchtime today, and I’m now about 3″ up the foot. I will have to decide if I want to use all of the yarn up or stop when the leg is as long as the foot so I can make matching socks for my daughter. We’ll see if I’m feeling generous…


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