I’ve talked about the Crackerjack project before. It is made following a recipe on ravelry, where each knitter decides what to knit when their favorite baseball team wins or loses. It is an April to October project, and as of the All-Star Game, I was all caught up.

I have been a Cincinnati Reds fan since I was about 9 years old. I grew up in Dayton, Ohio, and I remember my grandparents watching baseball regularly. But it wasn’t until I started playing softball in 3rd (or 4th?) grade that I started to really pay attention to the television.

Since I was a right fielder (and yes, that is a direct indication of my talent for playing softball…though I was later upgraded to second base), I remember being especially interested in the skills and triumphs of the outfielders on the Reds as well. Notably Paul O’Neil, Eric Davis, and Dave Parker.

That is the long way of explaining why someone who lives in Pittsburgh is a Reds fan. I’ve now lived here longer than I’ve lived anywhere else and I consider Pittsburgh to be home. I’m also raising two young Pittsburghers and taking that responsibility seriously. 😉 It is a testament to how parenting can change a person that I now attend Pirates games and cheer for the Pirates…as long as they aren’t playing the Reds! The 1990 version of Amy would be horrified.

So back to the knitting. While I was watching the All-Star game I caught up on the previous week’s stripes and I then decided to knit a special section for the All-Star Game itself. The Reds had five players chosen for the team and I wanted to mark the halfway point in the season. So I used the inverse of the regular texture on the cowl – I knit a red garter ridge, white and grey rows in stockinette and another red garter ridge. In the stockinette section I included 5 eyelets to represent the five all-stars.

But now I must admit to you that I have not touched the project since. The Reds have had an appalling record since the break and I just haven’t been able to bring myself to knit that many losing stripes. I was spoiled by the amazing record they had in June, and I am having trouble facing the past couple of weeks. But the season is a long way from over and I want the resulting cowl, so I’m sure I will get back to the knitting before I get too far behind. I just need to get over the depression of so many recent losses or distract myself while I’m knitting.

P.S. I’m still knitting on my socks and enjoying it as my out and about project! Because I have small feet, there are enough leftovers to make my daughter a pair, too.

P.P.S. Yes, the pool was a bit green. Safe for swimming, but due to the timing of our visit, we had a choice of swimming in cloudy water or not at all.

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