Trial and Error and Experience

I have once again been distracted by something shiny.

 The shiny has led me to work on a crochet shawl design this week. The yarn is from SpaceCadet Creations and the inspiration was a submission call on ravelry. I’m going to talk a little bit about my process and why a good design sometimes takes more time than it may seem like it should. My goal is that my pattern, when it is done, should be straightforward and as simple as possible. But the path to work out that “simple” design is not always linear or a simple process.
 The shawl has two motifs. The first is one is pictured above. I found it a few months back and had already swatched, but I was concerned that it was too flowery for an adult shawl. The call on ravelry is for kid’s items, and I love the idea of a shawl for little girls. I quickly realized that the motif in question is definitely not too flowery for young ladies. Easy peasy.
 Sort of.
 The next step was to determine what the second motif would be since I didn’t want the shawl to be all flower motifs. I wanted something that would show off the variegated yarn, connect the other motifs together as you work, and have some sort of line work in it…because, as the name Structured Stitches implies, that is what I like to see in my patterns.
 I spent three evenings and lunch hours crocheting different options. I thought I finally had it on Wednesday night. I even did a second one during lunch on Thursday. But I was disappointed that the directions were going to be slightly different depending on the orientation of the flower motifs around the second motif. And I didn’t love the edge of the connector motif. It wasn’t smooth and really didn’t want to crochet around the whole shawl when the motifs were done.

So…close, but no cigar
 It was actually the act of working a connector motif with flower motifs on all four sides that finally helped me figure out the motif that would meet all of my criteria. This weekend, I can crochet my heart out and make real progress instead of this one step forward, two steps back craziness. (And speaking of crazy. I may work out a larger version with fewer flower motifs. I think one of the yarns that I bought at MDSW might be perfect for this shawl. Because, you know, I don’t have enough on my plate already…)

 I’d like to think that once I have more designs under my belt, it will get easier and easier to figure out the straightforward solutions with less trial and error. If this isn’t the case, please don’t tell me. I’d like to live in ignorance.

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2 Responses to Trial and Error and Experience

  1. Anna says:

    I love this!

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