In the Works: Yarn bombing

I feel like I have a lot to share and no time to write. Not unusual for fall, really. Sometimes September through December feel like the shortest months of the year.

At the very least, I will share what has been occupying all of my free time this week (as well as time that should be spent washing dishes and folding laundry…).

The art teacher and some parents at the elementary school my kids attend are planning a yarn bomb as a part of the school’s 3rd annual Art Night. I am not actively involved in the PTA, but since this activity is right up my alley, I could not resist.

The current assembly includes my swatches, a couple from my LYS and more from friends. This panel needs one more row of swatches and an inch or two added to the edges. Crocheting them together is pretty fast, and I’m doing some infill work as well to get to the right size.

It’s a nice little diversion, and I’m excited to contribute at the school, but I haven’t found a new pastime in yarn bombing. 🙂

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