Warm and Colorful Tree

As I mentioned earlier this month, I was involved in a planned yarn bombing at the school my children attend. The pieces needed to cover a tree out front were gathered, constructed and assembled in the couple of weeks leading up to Art Photo Oct 10, 6 15 04 PMNight by a group of parents. During the day of the event, the parent leading the charge got most of the large pieces assembled on the tree, so that during the event some of the taller students could assemble pieces on the branches and students without practical sewing experience could embellish the piece.




The panel that I put together is around the trunk of the tree before the split. The big purple “swatch” was going to be one quarter of a blanket for my daughter, but in the end I didn’t like it with the other three panels and I had made. So it was replaced by a fifth version. My girl is 7 1/2, so that piece has Photo Oct 10, 6 15 51 PMbeen in my stash for over nearly 8 years. Finally it has found a useful life keeping something warm and protected!

During the event, my daughter did a little sewn embellishment and my son added a few googly eye stickers.



The result is a fantastic installation and if the art teacher has her way, this will not be the last yarn bomb on Art Night.Photo Oct 13, 6 02 32 PM

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