In the Works: . . . Oops!

Ever have one of those moments when you don’t actually notice a problem with your knitting until you take a picture of it. And then when looking at the picture it becomes painfully obvious that you have screwed up.
 Rip. Rip. Rip.
 When I was nearly done with the socks for my daughter and me, I let my son pick out yarn for the next set of socks at my LYS. His decision making process usually takes 5 seconds or half an hour. I told him he couldn’t have a piece of candy from the store dish until he picked out sock yarn, so this particular decision was of the 5-second variety. I’m pretty sure he picked out the brightest yarn in the shop.
 (Sorry, I don’t have the ball band at the moment. I’ll include the yarn details next time.)

 For the previous set, I knit one sock for me, one sock for my daughter, one for me, and one for her. I knew that the next little while was going to be busier, so I decided to do both of my son’s socks first. That way they would both have new socks within a month or so of each other. In theory.
 Now I have caused myself a setback. Can you see the problem?

 The completed sock was knit from toe to heel, and then the leg was knit up from where I inserted waste yarn. The second sock is knitted from toe to leg, with waste yarn inserted for an afterthought heel.
 Worse, the latter is really a better match for this yarn with long color changes. I guess I will be finishing the second sock, and then going back to redo the leg and heel of the first.
 At my current rate of stopping and starting on this project, the boy may have his socks by Christmas.


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