I can’t help it…

Whenever I teach Intro to Stranded Knitting, I like to have a stranded project on the needles so I have something in my hands that I can use to demonstrate techniques. And even if I have four or more students, a lot of the class is about the students doing the knitting and practicing with help nearby, so there is always some down time when I can actually knit.
 Since I first started teaching the class, I have made five versions of my Primero pattern in different colors and sizes. The one I made for my son is well worn but still fits. The one I made for me is a little short, but I haven’t made the time to rip out the crown and make it longer. It may become my daughter’s hat for that very reason!

So when I went to cast on a new hat to teach the class this past weekend, I really didn’t want to make another Primero. It’s a great beginner pattern, but I am no longer a beginner.
 I may have unintentionally designed a new hat this weekend. Looks like I really need to make some time to write up my backlog of patterns soon, because I just added another to the list!


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