Finished: Socks for the Boy

Last weekend, partially thanks to the holiday and time spent sitting around playing Mad Libs with extended family, I finished the socks for the boy.

 I completed the toes Friday night, wove in the ends on Saturday, and put them in for a bath during Sunday chores. They were dry enough to put in the boy’s sock drawer on Tuesday night when I was processing clean laundry.
 Lack of sunlight this week made great pictures especially difficult. Conbined with the fact that he was excited to wear them Wednesday morning when he saw them in his drawer (yay!), and then left them under the dining room table at the end of the night (boo).

You can at least see from the not-so-great pictures that I was able to match the socks practically stitch for stitch. I either like socks that totally match or are totally different. I thought there was some chance my son would oppose very different color layouts, so I decided to play it safe…
 The yarn is Jawoll Magic by Lang Yarns, color 85-59. It is a single ply, but appears to be densely spun. Not my first choice for socks, but since he will grow out of them in a year or two, I was willing to accept the lack of longevity.
 I am making a pair for myself now in mostly stockinette. I’ll try to go easy on them when I wear them, but since they are so bright, I probably won’t reach for them as often as my other socks.


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