Aaaaaah, December

The lack of posts this month is not an indication that I have nothing to share, but purely the result of my desire to go easy on myself at the holidays. There were many evenings that I did the bare minimum, knit for the length of one show, and then went to bed. I was busy at work all month (still am), and trying to facilitate good family time and holiday memories without driving myself insane. I think I was successful, as I have not had the same sense of being totally overwhelmed that I have often felt the past few years.

I’m not going to pretend to have a “secret”, but I think that choosing priorities (Christmas cards, kid presents, time together) and letting go of other things (baking cookies, making the house “perfect”, writing on every card) helped substantially. It also helped that the kids no longer get a huge pile of noisy, plastic toys, and that family chipped in to help with cooking and washing dishes. I’m also loving that the kids are old enough to play board games and build legos, so family time can be fun for all of us.

The past few days have also been about starting new projects. This should not give you the false sense that I have finished a lot of projects, but is thanks to the questionable influence of my friend Anna (Due to her social media work for Natural Stitches, she doesn’t have much time to blog, but you can see her WIPs on the sidebar.) Anna’s (and Sasha’s) idea is to celebrate “12 Days of Casting On” during the 12 days of Christmas. That’s exactly what you think it is. Casting on a new project every day for 12 days.

Please, don’t hyperventilate.

This year there is a little more leeway to adjust the “rules” to the needs of the knitter (or crocheter). A few people are spinning, a few are devoting time to finish WIPs, and a few are swatching, in addition to the casting on of new projects.

The main goal, as I see it, is to devote some time during the holiday to working on projects you’ve been meaning to make and have never gotten around to, to not feeling guilty for starting new things, and doing what makes you happy instead of what you “should” be doing. One of my projects may be to rip back most of a sweater that I’m not happy with. So I won’t be casting on that day, but I will be turning at FO into a WIP. I haven’t committed to that one yet…that’s for a home day so it can include some planning, measuring, and a good movie to distract me from the ripping!

Upcoming posts will document my 12 Days of Casting On, and what this exercise has done for me.

More soon, my pets. I hope whatever holiday you celebrate has been fabulous and your preparations for the new year are going smoothly!


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