12 Days of Casting On: Part 2

The first post in this four part series is here.

Day 4 of casting on. We were at my mother-in-law’s house, so I had a break from chores and was able to focus (a little) on a design I’ve had in mind for quite a while. I swatched Photo Jan 02, 2 45 05 PMwith a skein of SpaceCadet Creations Maia, and I have a gradient kit intended for the design. I still need to figure out what edging I’m going to use and double check the gauge to figure out my cast on number. But I should be able to start the sample in the next week or two. We have a weekend away later in January and I hope this can be my car knitting.


Day 5 I cast on another design sample. I have nearly finished a pair of mittens to go with my Coaxial hat pattern…but I just cast them on quickly and didn’t really plan them out. Poor decision because even though they Photo Jan 02, 2 42 11 PMfit my daughter well, the way I knit them will make grading difficult and I think they will be hard to fit adult hands. So I cast on a pair of mittens in black and watermelon to try again. I haven’t gotten far on these. I really need to sit down to do some planning. But I had to work on Day 5 and just wanted to cast on something that wasn’t another pair of vanilla socks.

On Day 6 I got out a skein of yarn that I got for Christmas a number of years ago. It’s a silk and merino blend in a fingering weight yarn. The dyer is no longer dying, but I think it is a yarn that wouldn’t be too hard to substitute. Or maybe it won’t become a design and will just be a cowl for me to wear. Time will tell.Photo Jan 02, 2 41 49 PM

It is a crocheted cowl. I’m playing with cables for the first time, and hoping that they will get quicker once I get the hang of them a little better. I think it will be lovely and warm. Plus a nice little project to pick up when I want to think more than a vanilla sock, but I don’t want to do math!


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