12 Days of Casting On: Part 3

The first post in this series is here.

The second post in this series is here.

Day 7…I’ll be honest and tell you that I wish I had better planned out my projects for the three days that I needed to work in the midst of this challenge. It was tricky to sit down Photo Jan 02, 8 10 12 PMafter 9pm and figure out what I wanted to cast on for the day. Plus the need to wind yarn and find needles. If I do this again next year I will do more advanced planning and organization of materials.

Though this day was a teeny bit easier. I wanted to cast on a hat for a friend expecting a baby this year and another hat pattern design has only been knit in one size so far. Though by the time I checked the gauge, dug yarn out from my stash (Berroco Vintage), found the needles and cast on, I didn’t make it very far in the process. This will go faster once I make the chart for the pattern instead of working from the completed sample and my notes!

Day 8 afforded me quite a lot of knitting time, so I chose it for one of the not casting on Photo Jan 02, 2 43 11 PMprojects I planned to afford myself. The goal was to knit as much as I could on my second Eidetic Mitten in the yarns from Wren House that I purchased at Indie Knit & Spin. I reknit the portion of the cuff that I had to rip back several days before and knit at least half of the mitten hand. I felt like I surpassed the point where it would be easy to put the mittens down and forget about them until it was too warm to wear them. It was a good day of focus that paid off later in the 12 days…

Day 9 was a home day with the kids. I had plans to go to the movies with the girl and out for dinner afterward, so it wasn’t a day to work out the math for a new project or spend Photo Jan 04, 10 55 07 AMlots of time tracking down yarn and needles or hooks. So I cast on another pair of socks, this time for the boy. He picked another skein from the Vesper Yarn collection – Pure Pumpkin, and I cast on during dinner. I won’t go too far with these until I make notably progress on the girl’s pair, but at least they will be easy to get going when I’m ready.

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