12 Days of Casting On: Part 4

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Multiple 2-hour school delays and a ridiculous amount going on at work has made the beginning of 2015 a bit of a whirlwind. I have several other posts in the works to share with you. But first, let’s wrap up the 12 Days of Casting On!

On Day 10, I was beginning to feel averse to casting on something new, eIMG_5372specially with so many new and cool projects around me. We were home all day – playing games, watching movies, and getting a few things done as I had the inclination to do them. I picked the Eidetic Mittens back up and spent all my available time on them. I had gotten so far on day 8 that the end was in sight. And, this eventually turned into an actual cast on. I weighed the remaining yarn when I finished the first pair, and there is plenty left for another pair of mittens. This time with the variegated as the background. I cast on for the Clytia Mittens before I went to sleep. Not much progress, but it counts! And I have since knit most of the first cuff.









Day 11 was spent a little sad that the holiday “break” was almost over and trying to get enough chores done that I wouldn’t feel like a complete sloth when Monday rolled around. Groceries were purchased, dishes were washed, and lunchboxes were cleaned out in preparation for refilling. We also played some games and relaxed, but in that way that one does in shorter spurts as you get ready to return to long abandoned routine.IMG_5381

By the time the kids were in bed, I had only crocheted a bit on my Day 6 cowl and I wasn’t feeling super inspired to think of something new. But I have a blanket project that has stalled out a bit due to other distractions, and I cast on the next square. I came within a few rows of finishing the square before passing out on the couch. I definitely want to get back to this project as time allows. (Cascade 220 Superwash. How I love thee. Let me count the ways!)


Day 12 was similarly tricky, as it was the first day back to work and school for the whole family. I had only had a four day weekend, but the previous week I had been getting ready for work in silence and skipped packing lunches. By the time the kids were in bed that night, I was tired, but not so tired that I felt like I could only do another granny square. So I went through the project IMG_5382bags near my bed and found the leftover from my Crackerjack. There is plenty of yarn left, and I really like the resulting cowl. Though the red doesn’t go with a substantial part of my wardrobe since I have a lot of pink, purple and teal in my closet. So my plan is to use just the grey and white in this one.

What you see in the picture is my third attempt. I want to add a little texture without making it too complicated. I’m not sure that I’ve found the right stitch pattern yet, but it will be easy to grab the next time I am in a swatching mood. The red yarn is just the provisional cast on, the cowl really will be just grey and white.


This was a really enjoyable exercise. It forced me to cast on for some swatches and projects that I’ve had in mind for a while. It helped me finish some awesome mittens. And, selfishly, it allowed me to make sure I made some time for me and my pursuits for two full weeks.

Truthfully, I’m not bad about making time for myself. I have learned that if I don’t regularly do things for me, I get very cranky. I’m good about making time to see friends, to knit, etc. But there was still something about this challenge that really helped me make time in a way that I’m not usually good at over the holiday break. Every year I imagine all of the knitting and crocheting I will do, but most years I spend more time ticking things off my to do list or taking care of others. Worthy endeavors, but not as relaxing as I imagine. Some combination of this challenge, my kids getting older and going into the holiday with my house less crazy messy allowed me more time to craft over the break.

My only goal for next year is to be a little more organized about what I’m going to cast on. I think, ideally, I would like to swatch in advance and actually cast on projects during the 12 days. Or at least have a higher percentage of cast on projects and be doing fewer swatches/designing on the needles. Especially for the days when I have to work.

We’ll see what kind of place I’m in next year and where my designing has taken me! 🙂



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