I have a naval gazing post about the New Year in my drafts folder that I have been working on here and there. But now that it is February it feels a little silly. I think it is the kind of post that I need to write, but it may be better for the anniversary of my new job rather than a New Years post. I read my posts from the beginning of 2014, and I was in such a different place then. My life changed drastically (for the better) when I changed jobs, and seeing where I have come after a year of change seems more appropriate.
 Things around here are in constant motion. Deadlines at work, birthday parties to prepare for, as well as personal goals, and squeezing in some fun as we can. I am so thankful to be at a job where I can leave work on time and get a bit extra done after the kids are in bed or on weekends. But the main problem with working overtime is the toll is takes on my motivation to do chores. I’ve worked 50+ hours the past two weeks. Tonight I don’t have to do anything for work. I really should catch up on dishes, but I don’t want to. I don’t want to straighten up or even put away my clean laundry. I’m so excited to have an hour to myself that I just want to sit and enjoy the quiet.
 I’m not really complaining. It is really just an observation that working so many hours is not sustainable for me long term. I am just too tired to do anything beyond the bare minimum. I can’t find balance at home when work is getting so much of my energy.
 I know that this overtime spree will only last a few more weeks. I’m doing my best to keep my head above water while it lasts.
 Along these lines, I have used spare moments here and there to make progress on one of my 12 Days of Casting On projects. I’m even farther along than this picture shows.

 In addition to finishing two socks, tonight I bound off the second sock for my daughter and cast on the second sock for me. The bright colors are lovely and a great pick-me-up on grey, winter days. A neighborhood Super Bowl party helped me get here. Two hours of letting my kids play in a neighbor’s playroom while I hung out with the adults eating yummy food I didn’t have to prepare.
 In an ideal world I would have been catching up on dishes. But a woman has got to have her priorities straight. 😉


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