I’m tired of saying “we’re busy” or “our schedule is crazy” or any combination of phrases that uses “busy” and “crazy”. I mean, it’s true. It’s true for most of us that the busy is taking over, especially at this time of year of fun fairs and field trips and final projects. (My kids have no homework for the rest of the school year – yippee!!)
 The real truth is that we are lucky to lead very full lives. (And I’m speaking specifically of my family here, but I’m sure it is true for some of you, too.) This weekend we are looking forward to a family wedding. This summer our kids will take advantage of some great summer camps offered all over our city. We have many friends and neighbors that we enjoy spending time with. My husband and I have jobs that we find fulfilling, and kids that we love, and a 100+ year old house that sometimes takes as much as it gives.
 But all of these great things in our lives also mean that our schedule is very full. And when work or illness or fun activities take more time from us than usual it can make me feel overwhelmed and like I just want to quit it all to have a day of quiet.
 As indicated in my last post, work took more than its share of my energy earlier this year. When I posted at the beginning of February, I had worked 50+ hours for two weeks straight. Now, this isn’t really unusual in architecture at the end of a project. Usually the last 3 to 4 weeks before deadline are intense, but that burst of energy is short enough that it isn’t too hard to recover.
 Except that on this project, that intensity lasted until the last week of March. And it lasted so long that it really took me a while to recover. Once it was done, I didn’t want to do anything. And while it was happening, I would find myself wanting to crochet before bed, but just holding the yarn and hook. Eventually putting it down and giving in to the fact that all I had the mental and emotional energy to do was stare at a screen.
 There was some knitting and crocheting in there, and I’ll share that with you soon. But I wanted to document why I haven’t blogged in four months, when there has been two new patterns, several socks, a sweater sleeve, and several new pattern ideas that I could have been writing about.
 In many ways, this blog post is more about what I need to write about than what you may want to read about. This is the “log” version of a blog post. I want to try to be able to remember why the first half of 2015 has been relatively unproductive. It may not be something that I can fix in the future, but if I can give myself some understanding that could make the next period like this easier to take.
 As I ease back into pattern writing, I’ve found myself interested in updating my pattern template. I haven’t worked on it since the days of my first two patterns. Some of my uses of fonts and formatting has evolved as I have written patterns, and I’ve never updated my abbreviations list to ensure consistency among my patterns. I am also hopeful that a more up-to-date and useful template will help streamline the writing of my next few patterns!


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