Finished: Several Socks

To prove to you that I have been knitting for the past four months, let’s start with the obvious. Some socks. Though really, it was not that long ago that this was NOT so obvious.

I did had a significant sock period before my kids were born. But then I hit a point where I had more than a week’s worth of socks, and the sock yarns out there were not calling to me as loudly as other yarns. (Or they wanted to be knit into shawls.) So I had a rather long sock knitting hiatus.

But now, in addition to all of the glorious hand-dyed sock yarns, there are the STRIPEY hand-dyed sock yarns. LOVE.

Once I started making socks again last summer, I realized that they are a great project to have on the needles when I need a break from design samples. And also, that my kids’ feet (and my feet) are small enough that I can get a pair for one of them and a pair for me out of 100g of yarn.

I mentioned that at Thanksgiving, I finished a pair for the boy in Jawoll Magic.  And I believe I started a pair for me within a week. But this thing was that the yarn was a bit splitty. So I really had to watch while knitting. Which is not what I intend for vanilla socks.

Photo Jan 02, 2 44 04 PMSo thanks to 12 days of casting on, I may have just gotten distracted and started a pair of socks for the girl…and for me…and for the boy. And since these were all knit in Vesper Sock yarn, they were perfect for vanilla sock knitting and knitting without looking. And I kept reaching for them instead of reaching for the socks I started first.

Photo Mar 30, 12 02 20 PMThat includes reaching for the boy’s pair while we were on a cruise at the end of March. Is there anything better than knitting in the sun with a nice breeze and a cool beverage?!

By the beginning of April, on the penultimate day of our cruise, I had completed three pairs of socks, while the pair I started at the beginning of December still languished.

Photo Feb 21, 10 45 52 AM Photo May 22, 7 13 29 AM Photo May 22, 7 10 57 AM







I refused to let myself start the pair in Vesper Sock Yarn to match the boy’s set in “Pure Pumpkin” until the Jawoll socks were finished. I was feeling bad about how long they had been waiting. And frankly, I wasn’t going to let myself pick out any new sock yarn until they were done!



In mid-May I finally completed them after ripping back some of the first sock so that I could make both socks the same length. I had apparently thought I had enough for pretty tall legs, and as I worked on the second sock it was pretty obvious that I wouldn’t be able to match the height of the first one. Details, details. Photo May 09, 3 03 37 PM

Thanks to knitting them toe-up, I bound them off without about 2 meters of yarn to spare. Enough for mending, but not for worrying about what to do with the extras! Although you may see that there is spot on the leg of the second one where there was a break in the yarn. When I found that, I was VERY glad I had not been trying to make the gradient on the socks match…Photo May 22, 7 11 48 AM

I haven’t worn them yet. I’m guessing that they will be among the warmest of my socks given the spin of the yarn, and I have officially retired my boots until fall. Maybe they will get some time this spring if I find myself wearing jeans with sneakers, but as I am often in skirt mode now, I think I’ll just be happy to have a new pair of socks waiting for me this fall!

And of course, that means I have cast on a pair for me in Pure pumpkin!




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