In the Works: Annabel’s blanket

A couple of years ago, I created a crocheted baby blanket in fingering weight yarn for the baby of a very good friend. The blanket turned out just as I had imagined and I loved the result. The only reason I haven’t written up the pattern is that I was worried that a fingering weight baby blanket would turn too many people off. Ever since I have been wanting to create a worsted weight version, and this year I am finally following through on that goal.

All of the motifs are now finished, and all of the crocheting has been done between the motifs to make strips. Last night I finished crocheting the third strip onto the blanket. The hardest thing about a baby blanket at this point is that it really isn’t that portable, so it is basically just a home or “knitting group” project. But I have an upcoming 3-day weekend followed by a 4-day weekend, so I hope to have this completed before the month is over.

There are a few spots where the crocheted seam is a little bumpy. I think it will block out, but just to be sure, I will probably block it before I weave in the ends on the seaming and do the border. Better safe than sorry.
 The recipient is already 8 months old and this design has been in my queue for years. I’m ready for the project and the pattern to be complete!


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